‘Can I borrow it? ’, A book to learn to share

An old saying goes that It's better to give than to receive, and how can it be otherwise, popular wisdom is never wrong. Generosity and empathy are fundamental values ​​that must be learned from a very young age and that is why learning to share is essential during the first years of life, and there is no better way to learn than through stories.

Can i borrow it? is a proposal for children's literature that defends values ​​as important as the generosity, the friendship and the I respect, both to others and to their things, of course without neglecting what we feel or make the people to whom we leave something or not feel. An idea brought to reality by Sara laso and the illustrator Marta May.

Illustration of ‘Can you lend it to me? ’, By Sara Laso and Marta Mayo

"Teaching children to share is essential to guarantee both their social and educational development, but we must bear in mind that as in everything, each child follows their own pace of development and that is why we must be patient and attentive to when does he begin to need the closeness of other children because it will be at that moment when we must teach him to share », he tells us Sara laso, in an interview granted exclusively to Toads and Princesses.

«When I speak of sharing I am not only referring to material things, a toy, or a meal. It is even more important to teach share time, feelings, experiences or stories«. And this story tells us, precisely about that, about how good you feel when you share something, that special feeling that gives us sharing objects, moments and memories with the people around us.

Sara Laso, born in Palencia, was clear from a very young age that her vocation was to be a teacher and little by little, that dream came true. Started studying child education at the University of Valladolid, and then continued training studying the degree of primary education with a mention in foreign language. To date, he has just finished a master's degree in counseling in psychopedagogical intervention. She is in love with children's literature and especially stories. From the moment he read Tears under Ana Meilán's bed, his imagination started and he began to imagine this beautiful project that is now a reality.

Illustration of ‘Can you lend it to me? ’In which Maraki and his family are shown

A story to learn to share

Can i borrow it? is a beautiful story characterized by the valuable teachings of one of its characters, the kind Maraki, an Ethiopian girl who comes to the city to live with her family. Maraki comes from a place where there are not as many things as here, but, even so, he does not hesitate to offer what he has to others without expecting anything in return. Lucas however, gets more and more bored because nobody wants to play with him because he never shares his things.

The story "can help children to see themselves reflected in the attitude of Lucas", who one day, the arrival of Maraki will change his life. «In addition, the album is full of details and can lead to a lot of work transversal activities (both in the classroom and at home). Immigration, the difference between schools in Ethiopia and those in Spain, recycling, are aspects that appear and can be explored to a greater or lesser extent depending on the age of the children, ”says Sara.

In this way, we get the stories to go beyond their pages, that the characters become playmates from whom to learn these fundamental values ​​and that help them to activate their imagination and creativity.

Can i borrow it? can be purchased on the Facebook page Can I borrow it? y In the blink of a sheet or on the Instagram account.

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