Homemade methods to know if I am pregnant: popular and unreliable

Long before the pregnancy test as we know it today, the rapid pharmacy test, existed since the second half of the 20th century, women already wanted to know if they were expecting a child or not, so they resorted to home tests that still you can do perfectly at home today. 

They do not have the scientific endorsement of the rapid test, but word of mouth has brought them to this day, so they are options that, either as a curiosity or with a practical interest, are worth knowing. 

Of course, we insist before teaching you seven of the best known that home tests are not scientific tests like the pharmacy one, which detects the hormone hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in high amounts, typical of a pregnancy.

Vinegar test

It is very popular; you should collect the morning urine in a previously sterilized glass, and add a tablespoon of vinegar. If after 20 minutes it foams or changes color, say the most veteran of the place that it is synonymous with pregnancy.

Soap test

With a bar of soap if used in a large bowl, pour the morning urine that you previously have into a clean glass. If it foams and bubbles, it is positive. If there is no reaction, it is negative.

Chlorine pregnancy test

It is based on the reaction of chlorine to the pH of the urine. With the first sample of the morning, in a clean glass, pour a tablespoon of bleach. It is positive if the urine reacts and foams or changes color.

Sugar test

Pour three tablespoons into a crystal glass, add the first urine of the day and if the sugar dissolves, it would be positive. On the other hand, if lumps are formed, the result is negative.

Oil pregnancy test

Let the first urine of the morning cool down and add two drops of oil, separated from each other, with a dropper. If they join, you are pregnant. 

Cold urine test

It is a home test that tries to do the same as the pharmacy test, but without the guarantee of this, logically. Collect the first urine of the day in a glass and, without stirring or shaking, put it in the fridge for half an hour. When you take it out, if a small film of particles has formed on the surface, you are pregnant. If it's at the bottom, it's negative. 

Hot urine test

Bring the first urine of the day to a boil in a saucepan - don't overthink it if you do


- and let it rest. See if a creamy layer has formed on the surface; if so, are you pregnant. If it's transparent, it's negative.

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