More than 10 games and proposals to review before going back to school

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3 to 5 years

Younger children may seem like they don't need to brush up in summer. On the contrary, During the holidays we must continue to stimulate their learning in the same way that they had been doing at school. In addition to enjoying time with the family, they will reinforce what they have learned and continue to advance to start the new course up to date and with renewed energy.

Next we tell you some simple tricks to keep learning while having fun.

1. Colored pencils to paint everything

If there is something that children enjoy with great intensity at these ages, it is unleash your creativity with colorful paints. We can take advantage of those moments of creative richness to support them with the handling of the pencil. In addition, when coloring they will be exercising those muscles of the hand that they will later need to be able to write well.

In addition, painting is the ideal and most practical resource for them to learn colors or geometric figures. And what if we propose the coloring game without leaving the drawing? Without realizing it, they will be working on fine motor skills.

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2. Tell me a story

Reading stories is also a highly recommended resource for them to review the course contents without realizing it. It is an excellent activity that will provide great help to recognize letters and punctuation marks. Also, if they have already started to practice literacy, it is an encouragement for them to practice reading.

For the little ones, we can use stories with pictograms that help them maintain attention while they practice. In addition, it will help them to become familiar with everyday objects or animals, for example. Not to mention the family time what will we all go through together.

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3. Shall we play counting toys?

The most effective way for a child to consolidate the knowledge acquired is undoubtedly through play. For infant children, a very interesting game that we can propose is to count the toys.

Through counting, children will not only learn numbers, but it can also be an excellent opportunity for them to learn to group them. It will also help them to recognize shapes, sizes or colors.

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6 to 8 years

During the first cycle of primary school, children they have already learned to read and write and are easy to handle with numbers. During the holidays we can take the opportunity to consolidate this knowledge in a fun way, in addition to many other activities that you will love. All without realizing that they are learning the same as they did in school.

These are some of the activities that we propose and that will surely make you enjoy the review during the summer.

4. Keep a vacation journal

How about we suggest that the children keep a diary of the holidays? It is an activity that will excite them, while they practice literacy. Without realizing it, they will be working on spelling and syntax.

Of course, they will have total freedom to do it as they wish, unleashing your creativity and imagination. They can accompany it with drawings or even attach shells, leaves or any other memory of their summer that they can keep forever.

Personal diary in summer | Source: canva

5. Take advantage of car trips

Long car journeys don't have to be boring. In fact they can be a great time for children to practice literacy and math.

They can take the opportunity to read the traffic panels and advertising posters. Read car license plates to practice addition, subtraction or multiplication, recognize odd or even numbers and many more possibilities.

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6. Experiment with water

Leisure moments at the sea or in the pool are also an excellent occasion for children to review and learn new things. They will be able to find out, for example, why things float in sea water, but the same does not happen in the pool. Why are objects distorted in the water and how many ideas come to mind while having fun in the water.

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8 to 10 years

For children who are in the second cycle of primary school, we can choose more manipulative proposals that involve them in a direct way. It is the ideal time to make them participate in the daily activities of the family that, without being aware of it, will help them to review and consolidate knowledge. All this in the funniest way possible. We leave you Some examples:

7. Let's go shopping

Surely they are very excited that we have them for such a simple and daily activity as making the purchase. It may seem simple, but, In addition to making them feel an important part of the family activity, it will be a great help for them to review without realizing it.

We can ask them to help us write the shopping list, which will make them practice literacy. Later, when we go with them to make the purchase, we can let them be the ones to pay and calculate the change they have to receive.

In addition, we can take advantage of it to make a necessary routine become an important family connection moment.

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8. Learning how to cook

Letting the children participate in the kitchen is also a very good idea for them to review and practice in the summer. Can you imagine the fun time you can spend in the kitchen preparing, for example, some delicious cookies? Then, in addition to sharing quality time, we can make it an educational moment.

Without hardly realizing, will use the math, for example, when weighing ingredients. In addition, we can let them read the recipes so that they can make a comprehensive reading of them.

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9. Enjoy nature and go on outdoor excursions

Nature always offers us a splendid and inexhaustible source of knowledge. An excursion with our children can be a very fun way to make them enjoy themselves while they soak up new knowledge.

Together, we can observe the parts of a flower, the behavior of animals or analyze atmospheric phenomena. Can you imagine what they can learn on a starry night about constellations and planets?

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From 10 years

With the older ones, the activities we can do for them to review in summer little by little they are becoming more participatory. In addition, it is a good time to immerse ourselves in the culture that we offer them.

These are some of the activities that we propose to review with them.

10. Fun science experiments

We can propose from the most complicated experiments to the simplest. They will not only like to do them, but they will also enjoy that we make them with them.

We can review the content they have seen during the course and, in addition, allow them to learn new things that, by doing them in such a fun way, they will never forget.

Review experiments in summer | Source: Pixabay

eleven. Cultural excursions

A cultural excursion, like visiting a museum, is always a great learning experience for kids and adults. At this age they are already more receptive to this type of visit and, surely, they will enjoy them.

Science museums, art museums, a photography exhibition or visiting a charming library. The possibilities are endless.

Dramatized visit | Source: Cultural Gears

12. Watch movies in original version

Cinema is something that children love from a very young age. And if, in addition, it is at home, with the family and with a large source of popcorn, all the better. We can take advantage of reinforce their level of foreign languages ​​if we choose the films in original version. An extraordinary way to make them enjoy while reviewing in summer.

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