Infant nasal wash: what can we do to facilitate its implementation?

Proceed with the nasal wash bowels its difficulties due to the discomfort caused in children | Source: Pexels

How many times should it be performed each day?

To make it easier to understand what a nasal wash involves, the Spanish Association of Pediatrics identifies saline solution with a tissue for young children who cannot yet blow their nose. If this idea is taken into account, it is easier to understand that you have to carry out as many as necessary so that the minor in question is more comfortable and breathes better.

On the contrary, it is not recommended to use secretion aspirators so frequently. The suction pressure they exert can cause unpleasant sensations in the ear and dry out the mucosa or skin that lines the inside of the nose. So it is better to limit its implementation to once or twice a day if you see a lot of mucus and never do it abruptly.

To proceed with the cleanings with physiological saline there are different methods that can be purchased at the pharmacy. Any of them is just as effective if done correctly, although it may be more convenient to opt for those that come in small packages, since the use of the same bottle, cold after cold, favors its contamination by germs. It is also recommended that each child have their own device in order to hinder the viral transmission from one to another.

Individual Nasal Washing Methods Are Better To Avoid Infection | Source: Pexels

Tips to facilitate the performance of a nasal wash

The AEP provides, on the other hand, a series of recommendations to take into account when undertaking nasal washing, with the aim of making things easier for parents and reducing the unpleasant sensations that children may feel:

  • It is advisable to proceed before sleeping and before feeding in babies.
  • It is usually enough to apply 1.5 to 2 milliliters in each nostril in infants and up to 5 ml in older children.
  • The feeling will be less bothersome if the serum is at room temperature.
  • The child can be laid face down or face up, how best to hold him, trying to turn his head to the side and trying not to lean back.
  • When I'm well gripped, we will decisively pour the saline solution through the hole that is upwards.
  • After this maneuver, especially if you are on your back, can be seated to promote the expulsion of secretions.
  • Subsequently, the maneuver will be repeated to pour the serum into the other nostril, turning the head to the opposite side.
  • If the nose is very clogged, you can add some more of the solution, massage to loosen the mucus and reintroduce a little more.
  • Older children are capable of nasal washing themselves, tilting the head to one side, then the other way and pouring the serum through the nostril that is higher.
  • We should not worry if, in addition to expelling part of the snot, end up ingesting another fraction of them, an event that falls within normalcy.

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