Oxytocin, how does this hormone work?

In what cases is synthetic oxytocin used? Oxytocin is used to induce labor when contractions do not start, or in normal labor when the doctor considers that the contractions are not effective.

It is given gradually starting with small amounts to initiate induction and increasing the dose until achieving normal uterine dynamics.

It also applies at the end of labor, to aid delivery of the placenta, or in multiple pregnancies, in order to reinforce the contraction of the uterus, which is more dilated and prevent excessive bleeding.

How does it work?

  • Oxytocin produces intense contractions (such as childbirth) that can be painful.
  • The perception of pain increases if the woman is lying down.
  • A few little walks around the room, connected to the drip system, they will relieve you.

Risks of oxytocin

  • It is administered with caution when the fetus is in an abnormal position, is premature or there are two or more fetuses.
  • Too if there have been caesarean sections in the past or surgical interventions on the uterus.
  • In case of coronary or renal insufficiency or hypertensionn, a low dose of oxytocin is given.
  • The obstetrician maintains a close monitoring of uterine contractions, the mother's blood pressure and the fetus's heart rate.
  • This follow-up allows you to adapt the oxytocin dose to the characteristics of each woman.

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