Shall we do a puzzle ... on the tablet?

The world of games and toys lives a time when tablets, mobile phones and consoles occupy a large part of the time that young people dedicate to leisure. Thus, the traditional toy nowadays shares the same playful space with tablets, mobiles and consoles, so it has had to adapt to current technologies and incorporate them into its offer. In some cases, technological solutions have been adopted to offer new possibilities to games, without losing their essence, but adapting and to be even more attractive.

Augmented reality, mobile applications, 3D animation... are concepts that are no longer alien to the game of a lifetime. The idea is to expand the gaming experience and increase its possibilities. "It is about offering boys and girls a game that enhances their creativity, but at the same time attracts them due to that technological plus offered by tablets and interactivity ", says David Olesti, Marketing Manager of Educa Borras. "Incorporating these advances does not mean that the essence of the game is abandoned, but rather that an open window is presented to us to improve that idea with new incentives ", he adds.

"We mix a board with the experience of a video game, something that is totally familiar to this audience ", says David Olesti.

Puzzles and board games, which could be considered the epitome of traditional play, have also seen technology come together to deliver educational content.


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