Pregnancies, how long do you really have to wait between each?

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Maternal age and pregnancy spacing

In the aforementioned study on age and its influence on the spacing of pregnancy, the occurrence of maternal mortality or severe morbidity was also discovered, even if it was a developed country. The relationship between risks to mothers and babies associated with spacing was examined in 148.544 cases. Among those over 35 who conceived half a year after a previous birth, researchers found a 1.2% threat of mortality or severe morbidity. However, when they waited 18 months between one and the other, this was reduced to a percentage of 0.5%.
For the youngest, the researchers found an 8.5% risk of spontaneous preterm birth for pregnancies spaced at half a year. However, for those who waited 18 months between them, it was reduced to 3.7%. Among the older women, the danger was around 6% in the six-month interval.

What changes do pregnancies bring to the body?

Pregnancies bring bodily and emotional changes for women, you need a period that only your body can determine to fully recover. If you have also had a cesarean section, the process will be even slower, since it is an operation and requires more rest and rest. All mothers need at least twelve months for their body and mind to be considered fit to re-gestate. Episiotomy, mishaps or postpartum depression are some of the processes that must be avoided or treated to overcome after the birth of a child.

Always prioritize the health of the mother and baby

The female body must have enough time to recover from childbirth. At least twelve months at any age are necessary, due to serious dangers to your health and that of the baby. It is necessary to prioritize adequate prenatal care for all women in the first and second pregnancy, especially if it is a risky one. That is why it is essential to inform new mothers of the consequences of being pregnant again in less than this time. Responsible information and improved access to postpartum contraception could be essential to prevent these cases. In the case of getting pregnant in less time than recommended, the mother should seek advice from a specialist

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