Funny frame for children's favorite photos

Source: sugarbeecrafts

  • Then, when you have it drawn, cut with the utility knife along the lines that you have marked. If you prefer, you can do it with scissors, but the cut will be less clean.
  • Next, cut another rectangle, leaving a hole in the middle for the photo, and glue it on top of the first rectangle.Source: sugarbeecrafts
  • When you have it assembled, paint the frame in the color you prefer and wait until it dries to continue with the craft.
  • To decorate the frame, cut out other figures on the cardboard that you will then have to glue on top.
  • Paint the figures in the same color as the base of the frame, or in different colors, as you like best.Source: sugarbeecrafts
  • Finally, place the photo you have chosen and get ready to hang it on the wall.
  • You can see more craft ideas to make your own frames here.

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