Running after their children. The secret of Kate Middleton's figure

We already know the secret of the slim figure of Kate middleton. The Duchess is on an official trip to India with Prince William. A historical journey on which the shadow of the deceased hovers Lady di, that a few months before his divorce he made the same journey and marked a before and after in his life.

Apart from the fact that Kate is constantly in the media focus Due to her styles and attitudes, until today the trip has been a success and the young woman has managed to win the hearts and sympathy of the Indian people.

During one of the events that the couple has attended in Delhi in which the queen elizabeth ninety birthday Taking place on April 21, Kate has revealed one of her best kept secrets.

One of the partygoers asked the Duchess how she managed to regain her splendid figure in such a short time after two pregnancies, to which Kate replied: Running after my children. A sincere and natural response that has conquered everyone present.

Well known is Prince William's wife's fondness for sports since her college days. Kate has privileged genetics, but she is also a woman who likes to take care of herself. Not surprisingly, upon their arrival in India, the Dukes asked to be served a vegan menu and in addition they have always presumed to take care of their diet as much as possible.

This was not the only thing Kate was asked in India. Another of the guests, wanted to know if she was not tired of spending all day smiling, to which she replied: No, I am only reciprocal, people are very friendly, it is impossible not to smile back.

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