How to be a mother and study an opposition: yes you can!!

Simultaneous the obligations that the maternity with the effort and sacrifice of study an opposition is something that more and more women opt for. The high unemployment rates, together with the scarce supply of jobs with continuous or intensive hours, have pushed a good number of young and not so young mothers to study an opposition as the best solution when it comes to focusing their future work towards a output that guarantees stability and the possibility of really reconcile your family and professional life.

I want to present myself for public employment examinations: what should I know?

If this is your case, we will tell you what things you are interested in knowing. The first is that, as the Adams Training and Preparation Academy recalls the Government has approved the largest Public Employment Offer in the last eleven years, with almost 34.000 places.

It is therefore an unbeatable opportunity to get a job in the State Administration, either in central services or in peripheral services in the delegations of the Autonomous Communities.

In addition, the offers of the Madrid Community, Xunta de Galicia, Sergas have just been approved, and there are thousands of places also for Andalusia, Catalonia, Valencia or Aragon.

Adams recalls that being a public employee implies offering a service to other citizens, with a responsibility offset by a permanent job and stable and equal working conditions.

Do you want to apply for a place? Keep reading because what comes next interests you. 

How to prepare the oppositions

If you have decided that the time has come to oppose, these ten 'commandments ' will be useful to you. Take note:

Choose well. Thousands of places have been offered for all levels of training (ESO, Bachelor, Higher Grade, etc.) in both central and peripheral services. Choose an opposition that suits your personal circumstances (your degree, the time you have, etc.) and think about what you want to do professionally.

Keep your motive always present. There is always a reason, a goal that drives us and it is important that we always keep it in mind. And if we don't have it, we must look for it. This motive will be the engine and the compass that will mark our effort towards the final goal: to get our place. If you want to work in the Public Administration, focus on opposing. Maybe you need to reconcile it with work or personal life; do not neglect these aspects, but do not leave aside your reason: you want to compete to have your place in the Administration.

Put effort. Preparing for an opposition is a long-distance race. Many applicants attend, and it is important to think that you only need one place (for yourself), focus your efforts on achieving it and put the means to reach the goal: if you prepare well, you are constant and you have tenacity you will be able to achieve it.

Self-confidence. Closely related to the above, you have to be sure of your possibilities and your ability. "Motivation is essential and eliminating negative thoughts that sabotage the best of ourselves. If we do not know how to control them, they end up creating a situation of unhappiness, frustration and anger ", warns Ana Iglesias, Pedagogical Director of Adams Formación.

Good company. Seek advice in serious training centers, the advice of professors and personnel specialized in the study of competitive examinations will be of great help to you. And don't forget the books! Having good edited and updated material is key.

Do it in the best way... We are different and we learn differently; find out what your learning style is and use it when you study. Learning to study making the most of our abilities is very similar to physical training: it takes will, a good coach and perseverance. If we do not know how to prepare, we will not achieve good results. Depending on the learning method, use study techniques that help you understand and memorize the concepts (keywords, mind maps, etc.). You have to want to learn, but also know how to do it.


but always organized. It is essential that we design a work plan when we talk about preparing for the exams. The benefits of having a study calendar are enormous:

  • Divide work into more manageable chunks, with partial objectives.
  • Maintains motivation to study.
  • Improve concentration and reduce the temptation to procrastinate.
  • It helps to ensure that we do not forget anything and keep all pending tasks in order.
  • Avoid stress and overwhelm. When making this plan, think about the time you have to study, dose it and try to also have moments of rest.

Enjoy while you prepare. Although it is hard to believe, it is possible to have fun studying. As with learning, there are as many ways to enjoy yourself as there are people: rewarding yourself by finishing the study session with the subject you like the most; taking out your most creative side when making your diagrams and mind maps; using colors


The positive state of being happy improves performance. 

Take the mistake as learning. If you can't pass the first time, don't give up. What's more, turn this failure into an apprenticeship, make the study profitable and prepare yourself for excellence: it is important that you do not go for the approved one, but for the maximum score. In the case of the State Administration, in addition, the calls are regular, so what you study now, if you do not pass, will serve you for future occasions.

Why won't you be? The one to follows her, get her. It's not a saying, it's a fact. Strive, prepare, believe in yourself and you will get your place.

Tips to be successful when studying public exams

In addition to all the above, keep in mind that to obtain success in your oppositions you must take into account the following factors.

  • Create your study corner. It is important to get the right environment and for this it is recommended that you reserve a space in the house for study.
  • Organization. It is important to consider at the beginning what is the minimum time per day that you can dedicate to the preparation of the oppositions, and try not to reduce it ever except for serious reasons. 
  • Demand respect for the time that belongs to you. 

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