How is the first period after childbirth?

The first rule is a turning point in the postpartum because it is a reference that provides a lot of information to the woman after having been a mother. 

On the one hand, the first menstruation after childbirth is an indication that, little by little, the body is recovering its usual rhythm, but at the same time it is also a mechanism for controlling ovulation and fertile days in order to look for future pregnancies and also to take the necessary precautions in case of wanting to avoid it. 

But a different thing is that its irruption indicates that the body is recovering normality to that this means that it has already done it completely. The latter is not entirely true, since the reproductive system will be working as before pregnancy but not the ovaries, hence it is normal that several more months have to pass for the cycle to return to 100% as it was before pregnancy. This explains why the first periods are irregular on many occasions, and that they do not always arrive at the same time.

To the latter also affects whether the mother breastfeeds or bottles, because around 40% of women who use artificial feeding and breastfeed their baby for at most one month have their menstruation between 8 and 10 weeks after giving birth. The percentage rises to 70% in the first 3 months, and at 6 months it is 100%-.

On the other hand, if a mother breastfeeds exclusively, her cycle will take longer to reactivate because the body produces prolactin, the hormone that guarantees the possibility of supplying breast milk, which also blocks the menstrual cycle for longer. In this way, 35% of mothers who breastfeed have their period for the first time by the third month postpartum, and only 65% ​​have had it by the sixth month. Some women can take up to 18 months to get their period again. The difference is influenced, among other factors, by the number of feedings and what the baby eats in them, because the more it demands, the more incidence the prolactin has. 

Therefore, the rule will not only appear earlier in the case of moms who do not give breast milk to their child, but it will also return to be regular earlier in most cases. While breastfeeding, on the other hand, menstruation is irregular, Hence, the first period after childbirth can vary greatly between women and others. 

And in any case, it must be taken into account that due to the fact that not having had the rule again, there is no guarantee that the woman will not get pregnant again; they are more likely to do so if they have stopped breastfeeding and the cycle has returned to normal, but it is possible to become pregnant at the same time as breastfeeding and without having had a period first. 

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