How to choose the best toy?

Christmas is coming and Santa Claus and The three wise men They're already crazy looking at catalogs and catching up on this year's hottest toys. However, to be successful when choosing them, there are things that should not be overlooked.

Obviously every kid has tastes, preferences, but also an age and needs that are decisive when choosing the right toy. We give some clues to make getting it right easier:

1-Age.  It is essential for choose a gift suitable. Age will determine the interest that the toy may arouse in the child, therefore, the fundamental thing is that it supposes a stimulus for their senses. In addition, it is also necessary to take this aspect into account to choose a safe toy for each child, to observe what parts can pose a danger, what it should be made of, etc. You can learn more in our article: "Choosing the best toy according to the age of the child ".   

2-Likes. Obviously, not all children like the same toys, That is why it is very important to take a good look at what things attract their attention the most and with what type of toys or games they are most distracted or entertained. When they are a little older it is easier because they are already in charge of saying clearly what they like and what they do not like, but when they are younger, it is essential to be attentive to their behavior to choose well


Magi and Santa Claus, Pay attention!

3-Security. It is imperative that toys are safe and there it is vital to take into account the age. A basic premise is that for younger children, the pieces must be large, so that they cannot be put in the mouth and thus avoid the risk of suffocation. We must also take into account, if it is a stuffed animal, for example, that the filling should not be able to be removed anywhere. Be careful with the edges! Better that the edges of the toys are rounded and smooth, no sharp edges that can cut or scratch. Do you have doubts about the safety level of a toy? You can clarify them with the clues that we give you in this article: "How to know if a toy is safe?"

4-Share. Always a good idea give toys and games that the child should or can share. It will promote this value and, in addition, it will teach children to play together, to take turns, etc.

5-Family. Without a doubt, it is best to choose a toy or a game in which the family can get involved and share time with the little ones.

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