Learning vowels is easier thanks to this game

Reading and writing is the first thing children are taught at school, but many times with class activities they do not have enough to learn. We know that play is a perfect vehicle for learning and that, in fact, children are able to consolidate a lot of concepts thanks to it.

Well, "Vowels " is an online educational game to learn and teach vowels and to take the first steps in the world of reading without hardly realizing what they are doing: they will be concentrating on what they are doing. best they know how to do: play!

We can download the game on our computer or play online on the website of the Ministry of Education.

How to learn vowels with this game?

  • We must first choose a vowel to play.
  • From there, The little one can play different games to work on aspects such as: a correct tracing of the spelling, association of the phoneme with the corresponding spelling and composition of words. All this presented in a very dynamic and fun way.

The game is explained by a voice, which will tell the little one how to do each exercise to learn the vowels, and as they pass each game, they go on to another with a different letter, going through all the vowels of the to to or. The games are very varied, including a blackboard on which they draw the letters, or they will also hear the vowels having to recognize them, or identify them by seeing them already written. We can even find a puzzle in which we form a beautiful photo, games of following the lines, looking for the letter among other different...

Books to learn to read
  • Roc learns to read
  • Partying with my monsters
  • The ship and the plane
  • Elmer and Grandpa Eldo
  • The books of Marcos and Andrea
  • My drawings after the storm

A complement to school activities

This online game is a good complement to the activities that children do at school. They will learn to identify them through various types of activities, and it is also designed so that they are not distracted and can handle it without difficulties. It is designed for the little ones in the house, so they will hardly need anyone to explain how to play, beyond what the game already tells them.  With this complement, we try to improve both the correct tracing of the spelling, as well as the auditory and visual discrimination, association with your phoneme and understanding of words.

This game won the First Prize for Educational Materials in 2003, which is not surprising given how well it works with children. Whenever they have problems with the vowels we can go to it, although ideally it is a reinforcement exercise for those who do at school, on paper, which is where they really learn. All you have to do is download the application to your computer or device to play. Even so, they will have the feeling of playing on the computer, since there is nothing they like the most, and we will let them know that they are learning something new.

And you do you think? Do you think it is good for children to use this type of educational materials or do you think it is better for them to learn with classical methods?? Enter our Forum and share your opinion with other parents!

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