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Evolution of academic results

The latest PISA report, a study carried out by the OECD worldwide and that measures the academic performance of students in mathematics, science and reading, was prepared in 2018 and published in December 2019.

The data reveal that in Spain the results in mathematics have stagnated. The average has been 481 points, five less than in the last edition, that of 2015. Countries that move up in the ranking include Albania, Qatar, Colombia and Portugal. Among those who go down, Finland, Holland and Iceland. In mathematics and science, Spain is at the level of countries such as Lithuania, Hungary, the United States, Luxembourg or Russia.

As in previous years, the winners by far are Asian students. With a much higher percentage of students with excellent results in science, they are led by China, Singapore and Hong Kong, in that order. It should be noted that in countries like China, unlike in Europe, the meaning is explained and all kinds of manipulative material are used, some as old as the abacus. Others, such as Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Austria or Ireland, are promoting educational programs to improve the learning of mathematics from the childhood stage.

New paths for teaching mathematics

One of the keys to achieving an improvement in the effectiveness of the teaching of this subject and, therefore, in the results of the students, is in personalization of learning, its visualization and the change in teachers' mentality. And in setting aside the calculation a little for the benefit of other learning such as statistics or probability. In Spain we are still far from these new methods, but other paths are being opened for learning this subject.

One of them is the appearance of online platforms and apps that promise to improve the ability of Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary students in this matter. These are applications with which our children learn by playing. We tell you below what they are some of the most popular math apps and platforms and what they offer. So you can choose the ones that best suit the needs of your child. And we encourage you to look for more to help you reinforce knowledge in other subjects.

Educational platforms

One of the platforms for teaching mathematics in Infant and Primary is Matific. It adapts to both the needs of students and teachers, always based on the game. Currently, it is found in more than 50 countries and in more than 30 different languages, and is used in thousands of educational centers around the world.

It combines content with interactive games aligned to the study plans of each autonomous community and the most used textbooks. It is a flexible and versatile platform that is adapted to the needs of each center, each teacher and, of course, each student. Encourages the progress of each student at their own pace, even in the same language, and promotes a deep understanding of basic mathematical concepts.

Due to the closure of educational centers in our country, Matific has been offering to all centers and / or teachers who requested it free access for a few months for all content. With registration of all students and follow-up reports, so that teachers and students can use the app from home. And when the situation goes back to normal, also from school.

In less than 48 hours, Matific can configure access for all teachers to their classes, and create accounts for all students. What's more, provide training for teachers through webinars. In a few days, a solution can be counted on to continue teaching and learning mathematics.

It is also interesting Intermatia, an online platform linked to the University of Seville. Present interactive exercises (create one every time you request it) with automatic correction. Even if there are several possible answers, the system interprets all of them and corrects them. If the problem is not solved correctly, your software will show how the exercise is solved, step by step. In this way you can detect the error and learn how to do it correctly. A method based on game mechanics that has been very successful; in 2016 they won the award for the Best Online Learning Method at SIMO EDUCACIÓN.

12 math apps for your kids

As for the applications, we have made a selection of twelve that are quite interesting. We tell you, below, what each of them offers.

1. Matific

PlayStore: Free
+ 4 years

We have already talked about the online educational platform of the same name ( Well, here we review your app for children between 4 and 11 years old. Has been created by a young team of educators, professional mathematicians. Offers tons of games and activities that Kindergarten and Primary children can use to develop their mathematical competence and problem-solving skills.

2. Smartick

AppStore - PlayStore: Free
+ 4 years

Smartick is an entertaining and fun system for learning mathematics, with 15 minute daily sessions that try to stimulate the student with continuous challenges adapted to their level. An app for children from 4 to 15 years old that promises an improvement in students' grades if they are constant in their daily quarter hour. They focus on ensuring that no student is left with a conceptual gap, such as multiplication tables, that can make learning difficult. Adapt assignments continually to the student's highest level of proficiency.

3. All Math

PlayStore  - AppStore: Free
+ 3 years

An application with more than 2.000 interactive math activities for Preschool and Primary. It is inclusive and accessible, as it is available in 8 languages, including Spanish, it has left-handed mode, help button, dyslexic font and other accessibility features. With her, all children can learn at their own pace and in the way that best suits each one. It was created by education experts from Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley and Seoul National Universities. And it covers all the fundamentals of basic mathematics education, with six levels ranging from Kindergarten to Primary 2.

4. 10 Monkeys Multiplication

AppStore: Free
+ 4 years

This is another of the math apps that has been designed for the little ones. It is fun and easy to use, and focuses on learning the multiplication tables. Designed by a Finnish company, it works like a video game with different levels that must be overcome. In it, 10 trapped monkeys need help, and the child can lend it if he masters the multiplication tables from 2 to 10. It is available in Spanish, English, German and Finnish. And it has an easy-to-use interface, in which each mini-game is accessed with just one click. Has fun sounds and interactive responses.

5. Math jump

PlayStore: Free
+ 6 years

Also developed by a Scandinavian company, NordicEdu. It is also created as a video game to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a fun way. Encourage the children to review concepts while helping the protagonist, a kind of robot with spring legs. The student has to test his skills and improve them. You must overcome levels by performing arithmetic operations to become the best. As you progress, you can unlock new characters.

6. King of math jr.

AppStore - PlayStore: Free
Age: + 6 years

King of Junior Mathematics is a game designed for children 6 years and older. Recreate a medieval world where you climb rungs on the social ladder by answering questions and solving puzzles. Children should solve problems in different areas by thinking for themselves. And when they do, they get awards in the form of stars and medals. Get curiosity aroused and make math fun.

7. King of mathematics

AppStore - PlayStore: Free
Age: + 12 years

an app dynamic and entertaining aimed at secondary school students which is compatible with all kinds of devices. Allows the player to rise from farmer to king by displaying all his math skills. Students must demonstrate their knowledge of calculus, arithmetic, geometry, fractions, equations and even statistics to become the King of mathematics. And they can compare their score with that of their friends and with that of other players around the world.

The app now has a new character and music design for all ten levels. The free version includes the most basic operations. The complete game can be purchased at once for 3.49 euros.

8. Sushi monster

AppStore: Free
+5 years

This game develops the skills for addition and multiplication. The system consists of the children working in reverse to solve the problems. A set of target numbers are initially raised when the chef places a series of numbered sushi plates on the counter. Then, the player has to choose the correct combination of plates that meet that result. If they find the right answer, they can feed the sushi monster. In this way, they manage to strengthen the reasoning strategies for the addition and multiplication of whole numbers.

9. Quick Math Jr.

AppStore: Free
+ 3 years

In this app, designed for children from 3 to 7 years, funny monsters teach counting, adding and subtracting. The games have varying degrees of difficulty so that each child chooses the one that suits their knowledge. It's a fun way to build confidence and basic math notions. They will learn to name numbers, and to relate names, numbers and quantities up to 30, including zero. Also, to count from 2 to 2, from 3 to 3, from 5 to 5 and from 10 to 10, and to solve simple addition and subtraction problems up to 20.

10. Fast Math - Mental Arithmetic

AppStore: Free
Age: +6

A great tool to improve math skills and arithmetic fluency. The objective is to stimulate the development of mental strategies for operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and mixed operations. The game, aimed at children from 6 to 12 years old, is precision and speed training. The goal is to achieve a very positive feeling of self-improvement. The procedure consists of choosing a set of twenty problems and selecting a level of difficulty. The player must write down the answer on the screen before the time they have to do so runs out. You can always see how you are progressing. Offer in-app purchases.

eleven. DragonBox Big Numbers

AppStore - PlayStore: 8.99– ​​7.99
Age: + 6 years

Learning is fully integrated into this fun game. It takes place in an imaginary land called Noomia, with six worlds to explore. It is designed for children between 6 and 9 years old. It consists of collecting resources, adding them, subtracting them and regrouping them, as they buy the supplies they need to perform different tasks. They level up at their own pace and master more and more skills, with more complex numbers. It has more than ten hours of gameplay and infinite additions and subtractions to solve. It does not require knowing how to read and they can learn to count in different languages.

12. Motion Math Cupcake

AppStore: Free
Age: + Eight years

We end our tour of math apps with one that has a fairly original approach. The player is faced with the challenge of creating and managing a cupcake delivery business. In the process he learns basic economic concepts, mixed numbers, fractions, negatives, addition fluency, multiplication and division, and coordinates, among other things. With fun music and good sound effects, math skills are integrated into the game. And, precisely by their very nature, children understand that the things they are learning have a direct application in the real world.

13. Math Center

// /
Age: From 3 to 11 years

Math Center Free Maths for Everyone en a free website with more than 4.500 educational resources, games and activities to learn math. The idea arose as a result of the confinement by the pandemic, which forced its promoter to look for didactic means so that her children could maintain their learning. He worked with his family on its creation and they partnered with a prestigious American website with thousands of expertly created sheets. They translated all the material and, with the collaboration of teachers from each country, they adapted to the study plans of each one.

Thus, with Math Center you can choose the country, the school grade and the topics you want to work on, and you will have abundant material adapted to the needs of each student. It is a very useful tool for parents to guide their children in developing their math skills and in the reinforcement of knowledge.

To find what you're looking for, just filter the content by category: worksheets, games and puzzles, coloring pages, or learning resources. All worksheets They are ordered and numbered by levels, which makes things much easier. And, to verify the results, all the worksheets have, separately, one of answers.

If you found our selection of math apps interesting, take a look at these blogs created by teachers to help children with this subject.

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