5 Games to promote equality in childhood

3. Stories backwards

Many traditional tales give women a role of submission. The intention of this game of equality is change the role of the characters and turn patient princesses waiting for their prince into fun fighting warriors looking for their own opportunities. Sit the children in a circle, have one of them start the story and invite the next to continue the narration, making the roles of the characters of both sexes equal. If any child includes any sexist behavior in the narration, you will stop the story and ask the others how it should continue.

Another possibility is read with the children stories for equality how are the titles that we propose in this article.

4. Equal sports

One of the fields where there is more differentiation by sex is sports. There are boys who consider themselves to be better at sports than girls. That is why it is good to create a championship with mixed teams, where everyone has to participate in the same way, to make them see that everyone is capable of doing whatever they want.

5. I am and can

Create some cards with the drawing of a boy and a girl. Under each illustration write the text "I am a girl and I can


" or, in the case of the male, "I am a child and I can


". The adult will indicate an action and the children will have to hold up the card of the character who can do it or both, if they think there is no difference between a boy or a girl doing it. The game tries to show that everyone can do the same things: laugh, study, run, cook, cry, sweep or sew. If during the game the child does not raise his card, we will have to ask him why he thinks he is not capable of doing this.

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