25 Essential books to understand the importance of feminism


1. The goddesses of every woman

Author: Jean Shinoda Bolen

Age: For parents

Why do some women value marriage and family first, while others attach more importance to independence and self-fulfillment?? Why does the same woman behave, depending on the environment, as an extrovert or an introvert? These and many other questions are asked unusual and fascinating answer in this book.

The book explains that when a woman understands her own internal patterns, she can overcome a series of restrictive dichotomies. These patterns take the form of seven archetypal goddesses, what are so many types of personality. The task is to decide which of them to cultivate and which to overcome.

A written guide for all women from the source of its own mystery and for all men enchanted by a woman.

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2. Women who run with the wolves

Author: Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Age: For parents

Within every woman a secret life is encouraged, a powerful force full of good instincts, creativity and wisdom. It is the Wild woman, an endangered species due to the constant efforts of society to "civilize" women and constrain them to rigid roles that override their instinctual nature.

This book reveals rich cross-cultural myths, fairy tales and stories to help women regain your strength and health, attributes of this instinctive essence.

A fascinating mosaic of stories that offers us a new vision of the feminine and its possibilities.

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3. They have always spoken for us

Author: Najat El Hachmi

Age: For parents

Few voices have as much authority to speak of feminism and identity as Najat El Hachmi. Beyond her status as the daughter of a Moroccan Muslim family, her narrative world is a world of women. With this knowledge, you have formed an opinion about what it means to be a feminist today.

In this essay he emphasizes the crucial importance of achieving the equality between the sexes in all cultures and ethnicities. It also alerts us to the danger of subordinating feminism to other causes.

A brave and necessary manifesto. A complaint to the multiple traps and forms of discrimination suffered by women.

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4. A room of my own

Author: Virginia Woolf

Age: For parents

In 1928, Virginia Woolf was asked to give a series of talks on women and the novel. Far from any dogmatism or presumption, he raised the question from a realistic, courageous and very particular point of view. A question: What do women need to write good novels? One answer: financial and personal independence. That is, a room of my own.

Starting from a direct treatment and using a sharp, ironic and incisive language, the writer tells a compelling parable to illustrate her views. An intelligent essay in which historical nuances mean that the issue of the feminine condition and the alienation of women in society has not lost an iota of topicality.

An exciting reading story. The always controversial issue of feminism from an inevitably literary perspective.

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5. What is the Mona Lisa laughing at?

Author: Clara Forced

Age: For parents

An entertaining, sympathetic and ironic book in which the author comments on some of the literary landmarks, as well as cultural and film icons, that captured his imagination and positively marked different stages of his life. A tour of Cortázar, Neruda, Tolkien, Plato, Scarlet, Peter Pan, Superman or Dracula. And, of course, Mona Lisa herself.

Now, from her maturity, Clara Obligado sees all those references from a very different perspective. And discover flashes of machismo in all fields. 

However, far from producing a grudge, a reflection that will invite readers to smile.

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6. The country of women

Author: Charlotte perkins gilman

Age: For parents

This novel tells the adventures of three young American explorers. Attracted by the legends about a remote and unknown country, inhabited only by women, decide to investigate for themselves. 

They dream of a permanent sexual feast, with multitudes of women eager to be subjected to the superiority of male ingenuity. However, what they find is very different from what they had imagined. Are are able to organize cooperatively in order to unfold all their potentialities, abilities and talents. Like men?

A true manifesto of gender ideology, in which the equality of women is vigorously defended in the sense that their capacities and talents are equal, if not superior, to those of men.

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7. The second sex

Author: Simone de Beauvoir

Age: For parents

Simone de Beauvoir began preparing this text in 1949, when she reflected on what being a woman had meant to her. This would lead her to investigate the situation of women throughout history and to write this extensive essay that addresses how the woman was conceived, what situations they live in and how they can try to improve their lives and expand their freedoms.

Beauvoir's main theory is that woman is a cultural product that has been built socially. Their main task is to reconquer their own specific identity and from their own criteria.

It is one of the foundational works of Feminism and uses existentialist concepts to inquire about the life of half of humanity. It is also considered an encyclopedic work, as it addresses the subject from the points of view of psychology, history, anthropology, biology, reproduction and affective-sexual relationships.

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8. King Kong theory

Author: Virginie despentes

Age: For parents

King Kong theory is one of the great reference books on feminism and gender theory. An incisive essay in which Despentes shares her own experience to speak openly to us about the taboos of liberal feminism, such as prostitution, rape, the repression of desire, motherhood and pornography. As well as to contribute to the collapse of the patriarchal foundations of today's society.

A text that denies the established myth of the submissive and perfect woman, understanding by perfection what society considers correct and expects of women.

A iconic artwork of the third wave of the feminist movement that came to be considered, even, the manifesto of a new contemporary feminism. A book that breaks the ground even among feminist readers.

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9. the beauty Myth

Author: Naomi wolf

Age: For parents

A classic essay of feminist theory, written in the early 90s of the last century. In it, the author reflects, based on numerous studies and research, on the relationship between women's liberation, the advancement of women and the demand for increasingly unattainable ideals of beauty.

This myth of beauty, which oppresses and restricts women, operates indistinctly in areas such as work, sexuality, culture and, of course, the private sphere. And it does so resulting in continued forms of violence towards all those that do not respond to the heteropatriarchal canons imposed by the normative and capitalist system. 

A book smart, furious and insightful. An appeal for freedom that every woman should read.

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10. We should all be feminists

Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Age: For parents

Being a feminist is not just for women. Chimamanda Ngozi proves it in this eloquent and insightful text. In it, he gives us a singular definition of what it means to be a feminist in the 21st century. 

With a clear and direct style, and without neglecting humor, this charismatic author explores the role of today's woman and points out ideas to make this world a fairer place.

A book that collects the transcendental and emblematic speech that the author gave about what it means to be a feminist in this century: a plan to achieve a different world.

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eleven. Feminism for beginners

Author: Nuria Varela

Age: For parents

Who were the suffragettes? Where does radical feminism come from? Why is Marxism and feminism spoken of as a bad marriage?? Why feminism has been vilified and ridiculed?

Based on these questions, and many others, Nuria Varela review three centuries to make and break the world, to illuminate theories, proposals and fascinating leaderships. It narrates the adventure of a social upheaval that no other movement has managed to sustain for so long.

A journey through history that makes this book essential to know feminism from its origins.

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12. The color purple

Author: Alice walker

Age: For parents

This is the story of two sisters. Nettie serves as a missionary in Africa. Celie lives in the southern United States, married to a man she hates and overwhelmed by the shame of having been raped by who she thinks is her father. Over 30 years, they have expressed their feelings in touching letters. But Celie's existence will change when her husband's lover, an extraordinary woman named Shug Avery, enters her life.

A crude, but beautiful, account of abuse towards women and the African-American community in the United States of the first half of the 20th century. A symbol of a fight that, to this day, we have not finished fighting.

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13. How to be a woman

Author: Caitlin moran

Age: For parents

There was never a better time than this to be a woman. Now there is the female vote and the pill. And, since 1727, women are no longer sent to the stake for witches. But, How to be a woman?

That is the great question that the author sets out to answer in this book, which she tackles with intelligence, shamelessness, irony and frankness the main aspects of the female condition. 

Alternating provocative observations on women's lives with fiercely hilarious stories about herself, deconstructs the politically correct image of 21st century women. And she reveals to us, page after page, those secrets that true friends tell each other in low voices and not those equivocal colleagues who never remove the mask of perfect femininity.

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14. The Handmaid's Tale

Author: Margaret Atwood

Age: For parents

Using the alibi of Islamic terrorism, theocratic politicians seize power. As a first measure, suppress press freedom and women's rights. 

In the Republic of Gilead, the body of Offred only serves to procreate, as imposed by the iron rules established by the Puritan dictatorship that dominates the country. The regime controls with an iron fist even the smallest details of women's lives. Their diet, their clothing and even their sexual activity. But no one can rule a person's thinking. And much less your desire.

A heartbreaking tale, laced with subtle sarcasm, which shows in this powerful dystopia a threat that remains latent in the world today.

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fifteen. Vagina monologues

Author: Eve ensler

Age: For parents

The first version of this work was written in 1996, after interviewing more than 200 women about sex, love relationships, and domestic violence. A recurring theme throughout the piece is the vagina as an instrument of female power and the latest incarnation of individuality. 

The work has become the pillar on which the V-Day: Valentine, vagina and victoria. The name seeks to establish a connection between love and respect for women, and the end of violence against them.

A book sharp and irreverent that gives voice to the fantasies and deepest fears of the female sex. Considered a bible by a new generation of women.

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16. The golden notebook

Author: Doris Lessing

Age: For parents

The story of Anna Wulf, a Divorced mother and novelist struggling with her creative block. He decides to capture his experiences and thoughts in four notebooks of different colors. In black, she records her life as a writer; in red, his political ideas; yellow, for your personal experiences and most intimate emotions; and in the blue, their daily life. However, it is a fifth notebook, the golden one, the one that gathers all the loose ends of his life.

Key testimonial on the female condition and chronicle of a generation, The Golden Notebook is a powerful narrative by a woman about the search for her political and personal identity.

Considered the most important work of Doris Lessing and one of the masterpieces of 20th century literature, to keep thinking about feminism and freedom.

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17. A life

Author: Simone veil

Age: For parents

Survivor of the horror of Auschwitz and the Nazism that destroyed her family, Simone Veil dedicated his life to the fight against discrimination and intolerance. She was responsible in France for the decriminalization of abortion and in 1979 she presided over the first European Parliament that emerged from the direct universal vote. In 2010 she became the sixth woman in history to enter the French Academy.

After much waiting and reflection, Veil agreed to tell his life in the first person. And in this book she shows herself as she is: brave, passionate and freethinking.

The moving account of an extraordinary woman that goes through a good part of a century that humanity will not forget.

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18. Sexual politics

Author: Kate millett

Age: For parents

This work is divided into three big parts. The first revolves around the affirmation that sex has a political aspect that tends to go unnoticed most of the time. The second part is eminently historical and its objective is to clarify the transformation of traditional sexual relations experienced in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Finally, the third part focuses on literary considerations, studying the work of authors as representative of that time as D. H. Lawrence, Henry Miller, Norman Mailer and, by contrast, Jean Genet.

An essay that, despite its modernity, has become a classic of feminist literature.

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19. Here the princess saves herself

Author: Amanda lovelace

Age: For parents

This courageous collection of poems explores themes such as love, loss, inspiration or sisterhood. But above all, it is a moving book about resilience and the possibility of writing the happy ending of our stories ourselves.

The author manages to build a poetic narrative in intimate and everyday tones that surrounds the reader with each verse, making him an accomplice and protagonist of what he is reading.

Love and empowerment in some verses that bring fairy tales to the feminine reality of the 21st century.

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twenty. Other ways to use your mouth

Author: Rupee kaur

Age: For parents

This book speaks to us, in a forceful and powerful way, of how to overcome the blows of life. In particular, it deals with abuse, heartbreak, loss and preconceptions about femininity.

Their shocking verses fill the reader with strength, who feels the words as his own and the need to transcribe and share them.

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twenty-one. Only for women

Author: Clarice lispector

Age: For parents

This book collects 290 chronicles published between 1959 and 1961, when Clarice returns to Rio de Janeiro recently divorced and starts working writing for the press. She came from living eight years in Washington, where she witnessed the social conservatism of the 1950s and where she read abundant women's press of the time, which will resonate in her own columns.

However, Clarice Lispector did not sign these texts with her name. Behind the invented names of Tereza Quadros or Helen Palmer the author hides, addressing issues related to beauty, love, motherhood and domestic life.

In this fun and practical book, the writer shows us that, despite the current conquests of women, the feminine essence always remains the same.

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22. Disobedient mom

Author: Esther alive

Age: For parents

What are the implications of being a mother, giving birth and breastfeeding? The woman faces a double pressure. On the one hand, being moms, as dictated by the patriarchal mantra. On the other, survive in the labor market. Throughout history, motherhood has been used as an instrument of control and subordination of women. But, once the right not to be mothers has been conquered, it remains to reappropriate the maternal experience.

This essay vindicate motherhood as an essential and common task, in which the silence is broken about pregnancy, childbirth, gestational loss, breastfeeding and care.

The new emerging feminism think about another motherhood.

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In English

23. The moment of lift

Author: Melinda gates

Age: For parents

In this moving book, Melinda shares the inspiring people's stories that he has known during his work around the world and the lessons that he has learned from them. 

The unforgettable narrative presents the issues that most need our attention. From child marriage to lack of access to contraceptives and gender inequality in the workplace. And, for the first time, Melinda writes about her personal life and the path to equality in her own marriage.

A book that shows how there have never been more opportunities to change the world and ourselves. Because when we lift others up, they lift us up too.

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24. Women and transition

Author: Linda Rossetti

Age: For parents

This book introduces women to a new way of thinking about the events that shape their adult lives, like marriage or job loss. In addition, it offers a set of tools specifically designed to help you navigate this transition successfully.

A book that helps to increase awareness of this transition and to understand it in a positive and optimistic.

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25. Weapons of math destruction

Author: Cathy O ’Neil

Age: For parents

We live in the age of algorithms. Increasingly, the decisions that affect our lives are not made by human beings, but the mathematical models. In theory this should lead to greater equity. However, this book, as urgent as it is necessary, reveals the opposite. 

The models used today are opaque, unregulated and unanswerable, even when they are wrong. But the most worrying thing is that reinforce discrimination. 

This important book allows us to ask the tough questions, discover the truth, and demand a change.

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